Residential Care Program

Residential services and programs for your home, monthly, quarterly or yearly

Design a program that meets your needs.  Monthly, quarterly and yearly programs are available to control all your pest issues.

Commercial/Industrial Program

Commercial, industrial, retail programs for businesses

Create a pest free workplace! Programs available that are tailor made for your business needs. 

General Inspection Service

General Inspection services to review your home or facility

General inspection services available to review your home or facility and provide pest control recommendations.

Cottage Care Program

Cottage programs and services with seasonal and summer treatments

Don't share your cottage with pests. Seasonal and summer treatments available to enjoy a worry free summer!

Exterior Spider Spray Treatment

Exterior spider spray treatment to eliminate cobwebs around your home or cottage

Eliminate spiderwebs around your home or cottage. Seasonal and summer exterior spider treatments available.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Carpenter ant treatment with interior and exterior sprays

Don't let carpenter ants ruin your house. Take action with interior and exterior spray treatments.

Pavement Ant Treatment

Pavement ant treatment with interior and exterior sprays

Got ants on your stairs and driveway? We can treat unsightly and burrowing ant nests on your walkways.

Wasp/Hornet/Bee Treatment

Wasp, hornet and bee treatments to remove nests from your home, cottage or business

Remove pesky wasp nests from your property. Whether hanging nests or in a wall void, we will take care of it.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bug treatments for your home or cottage

Don't let the bed bugs bite! Tailor made programs available to eliminate bed bug activity. 

Cluster Fly Treatment

Cluster Flies, exterior and attic spray treatments

Exterior and attic treatments available to control seasonal cluster fly activity. 

Fly Control

Fly control programs and services including drain service, fogging, fly lights and fly traps

Various services available to establish fly control.  Programs include drain service, fogging treatments, fly light and fruit fly traps.

Rodent Control

Rodent control for mice or rats in your home or cottage

Have you seen any droppings or heard noises? Rodent control treatments available both interior and exterior.

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal, raccoons, squirrels. Live trapping available for your home, cottage or business

Got uninvited guests? Live trapping services available to remove wildlife from your home, business or cottage.

Moth Treatment

Indian Meal Moth or clothing moth traps including interior sprays

Clothing and food storage moths can be a nuisance.  Traps and treatments available to eliminate activity.

Centipedes & Sliverfish

Centipedes and silverfish in your home or cottage.  Interior sprays for crawling insects

Do you have creepy crawlies in your basement or bathrooms? Interior spray treatments available.

Earwig Treatment

Earwig, crawling insect, indoor & outdoor pest, interior & exterior spray treatments

Eliminate unsightly earwigs from around your home. Exterior spray treatments will prevent them from entering your home.

Sowbug/Pillbug Treatment

Sowbug/Pillbug exterior spray treatment

Exterior spray treatments are available to eliminate outdoor invaders and create a protective barrier around your home.

Mosquito Control


Make your backyard livable. Treatments available to shrubs, hedges, under decks, and dense foliage to reduce and control activity.

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